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  2. We could elect better politicians and also vote with our money by purchasing goods from the shops that cared for their workers well during the pandemic.
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  4. Engaging children and promoting child meaningful participation - Leaving no child behind, Every Child Matters.
  5. I would like to see us take climate change more seriously. We have destroyed our planet and are still destroying it. We have shown we can reduce pollution so I think we need to find ways to maintain that change.
  6. I think we should become more questioning of our leaders and demand true democracy where information that concerns us and the decisions being made for our societies are being shared properly so they can be scrutinised properly.
  7. Yes, I hope so. I want to see the neighbourliness and community spirit continue beyond this pandemic. I feel like I belong to my community again.
  8. By being willing to give up our rights. By being willing to listen even when we know we are right!
  9. Yeah, we have to live exemplary lives from which our children can emulate.
  10. By Coordinating activities that avoid overlap and identifying gaps in peace building
  11. We can also create a peacefull world by sacrificing on our limited time to listen to those close to us or the ones that we can be able to reach so that they can be able to off load what they are going through instead of turning out to be violent.
  12. Those that are willing to serve other than those that want to be served.
  13. Show a child how to be kind to vulnerable people, homeless, those with physical or cognitive disabilities, older people and anyone else that appears different to the child in society.
  14. Hahahahahah my friend Alex, that's very hard as we are different by age, status and then income wise. Other people are hard working as others like free and soft life. Those that like soft life always make sure that they want to have alot something that brings about bad habbits resulting to violent against others
  15. But who gets to decide on the rules? And how do we make sure the people policing them are following the rules? Who polices the police? Who holds politicians to account?
  16. I think we build a peaceful world through our actions. For example: How we look after refugees. How we treat others who are different to us. How we handle conflict. How we educate our children. Who we elect to lead us. What we do when violence happens.
  17. Through continued monitoring and educating people about dos and don'ts of institutional rules and regulations
  18. I can’t agree more, we need to watch out for one another and cultivate a spirit of brotherhood.
  19. We need to change what we value in society. If peaceful people are seen as role models and if the media held them up as good examples it would encourage the youth to also want to be peaceful.
  20. I believe that we should stop having an army in every country and just have a global peacekeeping force instead. This will reduce opportunities for people going to war. Also we should more carefully control who can make and buy weapons and reduce the number in existence.
  21. When you realize that it was about the other person, find in your heart some compassion for that person, realizing that He or she is most surely struggling and offer some help.
  22. I think electing peaceful politicians will help in this.
  23. Infact some evil doers come from such groups
  24. Since God doesn’t preach violence but peace, being God fearing with encourage us to live peacefully together.
  25. I agree with you Sam but before we think of getting guards, we should be guards ourselves. That means if one saw any person intending to break law, you can react on the matter before
  26. We can create a peaceful world without violence by first identifying the cause of ,violence ,finding solution for it and we shall not have violence cases in our communities.
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