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  2. Understanding other people's pain and analyze strategies to make such a person accept change, also encouraging a person to have hope emphasis the call for good Samaritan/ charity and love for others . However , on the other hand ,people are different in understanding therefore having high expectations and this therefore calls for teamwork
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  4. I think we can ensure that people are being the best person by trusting and being open to each other and by helping others.
  5. I agree that volunteering is a great way to be a better you - giving back to others also gives back to yourself. We should all try it.
  6. I agree with Brad USA - I think that it does from within you but you are shaped by those around you when you are growing up. Your parents/guardians play a vital role in helping you and giving you the tools to become a good person. But then when you know right from wrong, it is over to you to take responsibility and make your own decisions.
  7. It has to come from within you. You need to think about what you value and believe in and what you don't. You have to be open to learning and changing over time.
  8. I think mentoring and encouragement is what helps me to reflect and improve. And allowing ourselves to make mistakes and learn from them rather than blaming or hating. Those are my thoughts for now.
  9. I think we can ensure that everyone is the best person they can be by encouraging everyone to help others in need, so matter of either person's circumstances.
  10. The community can use teachers /instructors to pass on the message concerning childrens rights such that every one understands them.
  11. Carrying out public awareness during public holidays by politicians [independence day] to talk about children's rights.
  12. I think it starts with education in school (into the curriculum - events and days at school) so young people can learn all about children's rights (including from their own experiences and children from across the world). But it needs to infiltrate into the community and I believe youth groups and young leaders are the way to do that.
  13. You are right to some exent although some goverments have have come up with some strategies in that for the families that cant afford paying fees have been given chance to attend government schools that dont charge them with anyting. its only private schools that charge students and highly
  14. Involving religious leaders to preach about the children's rights in their churches/mosques to spare some time to talk about the children's rights before they preach to the congregation.
  15. Mass sensitization to the public both adults and children, unless children know their rights they won't be able to differentiate between what they ought to have and not to have
  16. Carrying out and distributing reading materials to people taking about rights
  17. There are lots of really great ideas here 🙂 I am not sure that everyone in the community knows what children's rights are and nor do they always agree or "buy into" them. Some people may agree with some but not all of them as being possible to put into action. I also think there can be a problem of feeling like the gap between what the rights are and what the realities children face at the moment can feel too big to be able to help to take action on within the community. So choosing different rights to highlight and work upon within your community, that are most affecting children at the time, makes a lot of sense to make the challenges more achievable to be overcome. I would also like to see more government leadership across the world in committing to and educating people about children's rights. They should take speedy action if children's rights are being abused to show that they are truly committed to them.
  18. by puting strict rules on childrens rights in the community eg child abuse,
  19. Putting children's rights adverts on radios television and news papers
  20. Sincerely speaking in every community there are members who understand and know children's rights. Its also unfortunate that this is understood differently to others who not only don't respect but also don't know children's rights and responsibilities in homes. For those that are a ware of this have to come up and also empower those that could be ignorant with any of these skills.
  21. leaders in the community also have to act as examples in the community.
  22. If parent/relative mistreats me, I rather take/report them to police. this is because if one reaches police they mediate.
  23. By putting focal persons in every village to give updates on every child rights in a community
  24. people in the community have to report to police those who violet children's rights.
  25. Parents in the community also have to establish clear and good relationships between them and their children .
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