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  2. I think we can learn that money shouldn't be hoarded by some at the expense of others. Everyone is valuable and should be treated as such
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  4. A simple talk with someone can change a lot. So counselling will surely change a lot in the struggle to end racism.
  5. The ministry of human rights should go to the ground and teach the community people about racism.tey can also use the radios and telvision etc.
  6. With strong laws, perpetuators will be apprehended and this practice will be eliminated from society.
  7. This was one of the ways that the South Africans used in their struggle against apartheid. If employed against racism in the community today, it will help in the fight against this habit.
  8. Yes this can also help in order to stop racisms when te gervement put it into cocideration.
  9. Education is very key yes but there is also need for parents to start grooming their children right from childhood about love, respect and concern for every human race. And making them know that irrespective of our colours and origins, we are all the same and deserve to have same treatment.
  10. Sure, many times people segregate against others because of character issues. But if we improve our character, that kind of thing shall stop.
  11. By holding inter-religious dialogues to ensure that racism based on religious affiliations is ended.
  12. By composing literature like songs and poems that preach against racism and advocate for social inclusion.
  13. Yes it usually happens but I also second you that intermarriage can work but I also think there is just need for everyone to know that we are all the same irrespective of our origins should be treated the same way.
  14. By recorgonising our own weaknesses and improving.This will allow us access to certain groups of people in society.
  15. Governments should devise strict laws against Racism and imprisoning all perpetrators of racism.
  16. By allowing free movement to all people across border countries.
  17. Through holding counselling sessions who racist people. Counselling them Will help çhange their mindset andracism will be elliminated.
  18. By allowing free movement to all people across border countries.
  19. By giving job opportunities to all people regardless of their racial or gender differences.
  20. Working together and sharing to ensure that all classes are involved. This will end racism based on race and tribe.
  21. By building an anti-racism policy in the society and places of work
  22. By showing love to every one and treating all members of the society like our every own.Love one another.
  23. Through creating learning opportunities that acknowledge race and ethnicity, and prioritize preventing racism through social justice with culturally relevant teaching by emphasizing on social justice and social activism.
  24. Influential people and bodies for example political leaders, organisations, religious leaders, etc. should create a awareness among communities and masses by sensitizing people about the negative impact of racism and encourage people to preach against it and respect one another.
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