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  2. I think that people should be given more chances to mix with people different to themselves so that they can understand the lives and opinions of others. I think this would lead to better representation of underrepresented people.
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  4. Communities need to vote MPS and political leaders who care about people and are not just "yes" people to those in higher power.
  5. We should use the organisations that promote the wellbeing of all citizens to lobby for them and make sure their views are heard. eg in the construction of schools, roads and equipping hospitals with drugs.
  6. Community meetings with local leaders and the local people is my idea
  7. Use of radios both talk shows and announcements to share different views would help
  8. Use of all the political channels from the local council up to the top to handle their views
  9. Members of parliament should go down to them, get their views and take them and table them in parliament.
  10. Establishing committees to speak/ represent people's opinions. For children, having a committee for the Children approved by the Government to represent the disadvantaged and neglected children. An example is a case in point in Kolkata there is a children's Council representing the street-connected children at parliament. At SALVE in Uganda we have a children's council representing the children supported by SALVE.
  11. Many people in Kenya don't get their voices heard. The children, the women and the men who are not rich. We need to change how we value and listen to people. Everyone's views can be too important. Let's make time to hear them.
  12. We all define underrepresented people differently depending on our life experience as to who we have seen being underrepresented. The problem when you start doing things like quotas to make sure that different voices are heard, like women, is that it can make some people view them differently i.e. that they are not there on merit/ hard work but just to fill a quota. Overall I think quotas might be good but we need to get rid of the stigma attached to them.
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  14. I think in terms of representation in sport it depends what sport...men are under represented in synchronised swimming... and women in many other sports like football
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  16. I think it can have a positive effect if the laws and policies have been well thought through and the people affected by them consulted in their design. Then you also need to review and improve them over time and not just leave them to remain the same forever.
  17. Policies limit some people on how to spend their money which is straining because if someone has worked doe his money there is no need of limiting him on how to spend.
  18. How does it help people to live? And do you want to say that people can not live without laws.
  19. Policies are good because they help to regulate an entire nation, people and helps people on how to decide on how to conduct themselves in public.
  20. This is true because the poor can't win cases against the rich . This has created division among people in the country
  21. Laws are good as it gives you guidelines to what you can do and what you can’t. Every body needs boundaries and guidance. Without there would be chaos. But they have to be agreed and implemented.
  22. So at work we have a uniform policy. And I don’t like it. Cause it’s to vague. And it doesn’t suit me. It’s hot. I want to wear shorts. Uniform policy is the only policy as a male I don’t benefit. Wear ever I work. Ladies seem to be able to wear what they like and have more scope. I have to wear a collar shirt or company t shirt. And trousers and shoes.
  23. I think it will effect behaviours differently in different countries as different places have different abilities to enforce laws
  24. Yes, it is true that most laws raise awareness for example we have a law to wear seat belts to try to save lives in traffic accidents.
  25. It's worth thinking about who creates the laws and what impact they have on specific groups in societies. Legislation about gender specific issues - eg sexual & reproductive health - needs to be informed by women's voices.
  26. Good practice often needs legal support to become a norm because not everyone is willing to take new/beneficial ideas on board. Think human rights & protection for those who can't support themselves.
  27. I disagree with you because people' s change in behavior does not depend on climate and politicians who are selfish and make laws which favor them only and do not care about the wellbeing of others.
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