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  2. Parents should take time to nurture properly their children and this can be done through sparing some time with the children sharing about their future dreams and results of being good children in a family and in a community at large.
  3. By encouraging parents to have special time for their children to discuss to new ideas in life.
  4. By putting children into prayers in all things they do in their life for success.
  5. Through enforcing strict laws against child labor/child abuse. This is because some parents take advantage of their children to work for people for their benefits.
  6. Through providing basic necessities of life to children like food, shelter, clothing, medical care, education etc.
  7. Parents giving proper advise to their children through counseling and sharing experience i.e encouraging children to respect them and also each other.
  8. I don't think you can make parents take care of their children. It's a responsibility that they should take but might not.
  9. It's a choice and not something that can be forced. That said some countries like the UK have social services so if parents aren't caring properly the children are removed from them. The problem is who gets to decide what proper care looks like and who gets to enforce it?
  10. I think we do not first have to trust the government for it to solve the problems if its people. its part of its responsibility.
  11. It can be yes, but it will need a global effort by all people, corporations and governments making it their number one priority before it's too late and the damage becomes permanent.
  12. This zero's to sharing with each other and being mindful of one another's survival
  13. For i think climate change can be controlled and this is put to an end.
  14. This is a great idea and good plan for the generations to be to survive.
  15. There is enough food in the world to feed every single person alive, so why do people still go hungry? If all countries shared their surplus foods with neighbours who needed it rather than keeping hold of it to try and make a profit that'd be a good start.
  16. There will always be hunger while there is greed. I think European countries and America eat too much and other countries like Uganda get too little.
  17. Is this possible for people to become machines? May be we just need to regulate the existence of factories that do not provide food towards peoples daily survival.
  18. Is this possible for people to become machines? i think we just to regulate the existence of factories that do not provide food for peoples survival.
  19. we can advise each other to practice crop growing inorder tend hunger.
  20. yes its true but which kind of capital can be prioritized
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