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  2. By having people spend more time together and listen to one another. But also by having safeguards in place to protect people in case they are at risk.
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  4. Due to COVID-19 we won't be able to host our live online debate today as we normally do. But please do respond with your thoughts any time as we would love to hear from you!
  5. Yes by giving the second chance to those that missed thier first chances e.g if a child gets pregnant but is willing to go back to school, it will help overcome gender inequality.
  6. Yes by giving encouragement to the girl child to act as a motivation to the young girl who has lost interst.
  7. Yes by giving equal opportunity to the girl child who shows interest in school.
  8. No its not possible since the female surface more challenges amidst thier education journey to mention; lack of materials that affects the teenagers, cultural believes about girls, attending to domestic work among others some thing that has denied them the opportunity to advance in thier education careers like it would by the men however this can be mitigated through law makers, employers and continued sensitization.
  9. Easy access to education doesn't overcome gender Inequality however if there is equal service delivery to people everyone one will be equal because what the other receives is what I am receiving.
  10. You can overcome it if we change negative attitudes towards each other we start having this mind what a man can do a woman can do then it will be possible
  11. Isn't gender inequality and the equality of people something that should be the basis of any upstanding education? Why do we get educated? Is it to earn as much money as possible, to have a huge house and a nice car or is it to support yourselves and your family and friends and even those you may not know to become happy?
  12. I think it can help as through education a woman can have equal access to knowledge that can help her to get good jobs and lead a more equal life.
  13. No because education is to empower someone to gain the knowledge to be self sustaining in the society but not to overcome gender inequality.
  14. No because these are two different human beings and also the minds are reasoned differently so we can not overcome gender inequality by ensuring equal access to education.
  15. Really difficult question as I can imagine situations that make people so desperate that for instance stealing food just to stay alive becomes almost irresistible. It might be the only way to feed your family if work or charity is not an option. However the victims of crime are often poor people themselves and can’t afford to be victims of crime either. Rich people can afford expensive ways to safeguard their property or possessions. Possibly the answer is that no country should allow people to become so desperate that the only option is to steal to stay alive. It is terrible that even in a rich country like the UK families need to use Food banks to get enough food to feed their children. Ross (Rochdale)
  16. There are two pillars that constitutes a Just society; Reward and Punishment, take a scenario where everyone is committing crimes for the sake of "I didn't know or I have done for survival" how will that society be? And you think they are no who have nothing to make them survive but they don't commit crimes. I think what we need to educate people about is "patience, being considerate, love for one another, and they have to know that ' they who dwell within the Tabernacle of God, and are established upon the seats of everlasting glory, will refuse, though they be dying of hunger, to stretch their hands and seize unlawfully the property of their neighbor, however vile and worthless he may be.
  17. punishing people doesn't stop crimes,but if the government creat small business to the people.
  18. If sameone steals samething they mast take he/her to the police station and gave her/he the punishement.
  19. If someone has no other option and it's either starvation or theft to sruvive, does that make a difference? Every society should be set up so that everyone living within it can eat, drink and survive - if there are people within that society who can't access these basic rigths the society needs to change to enable that to happen.
  20. Either violet or non violet theft is theft and a crime is a crime they should be punished because they may repeat it again and cause harm to someone a particular time
  21. If aperson steals food he or she should not be punished because sameone can't live without food.
  22. So if you don't have enough money to use when buying things, do you really have to steal or look for ajob
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